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With over fifteen years in the Industrial Medicine field, we have been active in occupational safety and education, both in the clinic setting and on-site with different employers. 

 We have recently combined efforts with the Greater Bluefield Community Center to offer our Corporate Wellness Programs and Pre-Placement physical fitness testing.  This new service has been very rewarding and many employers have been able to cut work-related injuries, lost sick time, and medical insurance related expenses due to hypertension, obesity, etc.

                      On-site Education Programs– Please see the complete list of programs available. ($85/hr.   plus materials fee of $100/15 people and $5 ea. Additional person) We would also enjoy this opportunity to facilitate ergonomic and safety education as well as discuss lifting techniques, proper body mechanics and posture within the work site.   We also offer on-site wellness “fairs” where we can come and do blood pressure, body fat analysis, etc. screenings for all employees.  These are the most popular education topics for a 30 – 45 minute education session, however we could discuss additional interest specific to your needs:

 1.  Protecting your Back – correct body mechanics, taking care of the back with all movements, educational video, and self-care for the back.

2.  Basic ergonomics – general posture, how to maintain this at the work station, work station exercises, etc.

3.    Common injuries basic repetitive movement injuries, prevention tips, basic at home care, etc.

4.    Safety around You basic safety tips regarding awareness, hand tools, forklift operation, etc.

5.    General wellness – basic health tips, education on activity, rest, nutrition, etc.

6.    Stress Management – education of common stresses, activities to alleviate these, what to look for, etc.

On-site job analysis job descriptions and ergonomic assessments – this in-depth description of a job completed at your facility will be prepared with digital pictures and a DVD (if requested) in order to be distributed to any physicians, medical providers, etc. that need to understand the basic job tasks of a position at your facility.  Please keep in mind physicians who have these available are more likely to trust sending a patient back to work within a reasonable amount of time.  We also complete ergonomic assessments and evaluate your facility to see if there are more ergonomically safe ways to operate for your employees to benefit fully from their environment. ($250.00 per position/job).  We have also made our Job Analysis, Job Description, and Ergonomic Assessment Templates available for purchase if you would rather plug in values at your facility.  On-site consultations are still recommended.  You may purchase these online soon.

   Pre-Placement employee fitness testing– We offer full physical fitness testing for new or current employees in conjunction with their matching job analysis.  We incorporate at least 3 work simulation tasks for testing and we do complete cardiovascular, strength, lifting, body fat, and body mass index testing.  This gives you a documented physical and functional baselines for your employees. ($250.00)

On-Site Health Fairs - We offer on-site Health Fairs complete with Blood Pressure screenings, Body fat, and weight.  Recommendations at our booth are given for exercise recommendations/personal or group training sessions, workout regimens, and other lifestyle change information.  We offer healthy games and snacks as well to all employees/participants.  ($250.00 for 4 hours, $100 additional per hour, or $500 for 8 hours - all day)


A founding principle of Lowe Rehabilitation Specialists is that education of ergonomics and workplace safety is key in preventing poor work habits and general physical deterioration.  These topics are what we think are most important for the general population.  We would be glad to speak to your facility as a group or on a more personal level in smaller groups if you prefer.  We realize time constraints may be an issue with smaller group sessions, so we will adjust our sessions to your preference.  With each educational session we can attempt to have additional material for each employee to take with them as a reminder of some topics discussed.  In addition, when possible we will have video presentations or active demonstrations. 


Brochure on Workplace Injuries and Pre-Employment Testing
ATTENTION Employers! Download our brochure to see how we can help you reduce Workplace Injuries and Workers' Compensation Claims.
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